Madonna Questions
I have an iron will, and all of my will has always been to conquer some horrible feeling of inadequacy...I push past one spell of it and discover myself as a special human being, and then I get to another stage and think I'm mediocre and uninteresting....Again and again. My drive in life is from this horrible fear of being mediocre. And that's always pushing me, pushing me. Because even though I've become Somebody, I still have to prove I'm Somebody. My struggle has never ended and it probably never will."

Who of us, if we are honest with ourselves, might admit to having the same drive in life as Madonna? Why do we always feel that we have to prove our existence? Why is our life never good enough in our own eyes? Why will we not trust that who we were created to be, and who we were created by, is enough to rejoice in? How much longer will we chase after impossible ends and When will we ever tune the world out, all of its lies and misconceptions, and just rest in the magnificent simplicity of creation? What will it take?

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  1. Very inspiring and puts things in such perspective. We have to remember all the accomplishments we have done in the past while also concentrating on the future. Good words for thought!

  2. I'm the type of person (though I hate to admit it) who does things to prove people wrong. So tell me I can't do it and I will not be satisfied until I do do it. I don't take rejection well. Or at all. It's something I'm trying to ease up on.

  3. it's just been recently that i've really stopped caring about people's expectations and began living life without fear of judgement! i am the one who has to go to sleep with my decisions. no one is there criticizing in the night. i have to be happy about what i've done. and i am :)

  4. i think once we stop comparing ourselves to others or trying to keep up with the jones... only then will we truly be happy with ourselves.

    thanks for this wonderful post blair!


  5. Gasp! Your blog is beautiful!!! So glad I found it, and I can't wait to come back. That's a great question you asked ... def something to think about... I wish I had a really intelligent answer, but I get what you mean about having to prove we exist... it's like a curse.

  6. ps: weekend jams include:::

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  7. Hmmm.... very intersting food for thought! Thanks for visiting Inspired Design ~ it led me to yours ~ which I love. I am your newest follower! ~ Debby xo

  8. I loved this post! I was reading that quote, before I even realized it was Madonna, and thinking, I feel that same way so often. I love what you had to say about it. The photograph you included is stunningly beautiful.

  9. Sometimes I remember why I've always loved Madonna. I can't help but relate to this quote. Regardless of what she is doing today Madonna will always be Madonna and her old school stuff is just amazing.

  10. Hi - wow I am your 500th follower! Now that is a good round number! Thought-provoking post here and they are the best kind...I so get what you are saying. I do sometimes wonder why no one ever told me that life was something that needed working at all the time! But I guess the point is, the more you put in the more you get out? Louise x

  11. hello, thanks for stopping by and so i could find your amazing lovely blog! have to scroll to all your wonderful posts! will be following! would love love to visit Nashville someday cause " I love Elvis" hehe! ;)

  12. surprisingly confession of madonna, my fave, btw. never knew that about her. in spite of everything she has accomplished and achieved she shares feelings like alot of us.

    i don't know if what i am commenting makes any sense, but i just think that perhaps we get those exact same feelings from just knowing deep down inside that we could be better and once we've reached that level we should be content.

    great post.



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