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Be Young


We've got a big family wedding this weekend! One of David's younger brothers (1 of 4) is tying the knot! Hub's has been scanning pictures for a slideshow all week so I tossed a couple hilarious pictures of me in line to be scanned for y'all.

I've been thinking recently about how I don't want to "grow up." But what does that mean? What does it look like? I think it means always being free to be myself -- to be giddy over something silly, eat pb&j for lunch, cry without shame just because I'm tired, wear something because I like it & without recognition if someone else thinks my outfit is crazy... it can mean so much. There is so much that we as "grown-ups" aren't free to do -- whethrer it is at the office, at a party, or just day to day. Remember when you were little and dressed yourself -- before middle school, before you started reading 17magazine, before all of that... remember how thrilled you were at just the look you got back in the mirror - you loved how you looked and were so proud & excited to just be you. You were proud of every masterpiece you created instead of self conscience & worried that you didn't measure up. Why have we let that feeling of honor be taken away?



  1. Such a cute photo! If you want to send it in for the Friday feature...

    I personally hated dressing myself. All the other girls were so cute and I never felt cute enough. I'm not sure why. But I did love my teddy bear sweater. Little teddy bears all over. I am wearing it in my first grade photo.

  2. so cute!!! i love her eyes :3
    xoxo have a nice day

  3. aww such a cute little girl you were!

    it's too bad that being self-conscious/comparing yourself to others ever has to enter into the picture. my junior high & high school years would have been sooo much more enjoyable without it!!

    i don't think i'll ever be "grown up" if it means missing out on getting giddy over little things... you should have seen me last night when we discovered a new ice cream shop!!

  4. pb&j sandwiches are still okay!!! ...or so I tell myself. :]

  5. that's why kids are great to be around. they remind us to not take things so seriously. just chill...

  6. SO cute :) I know what you mean...restoring our youth... I'm 23 but feel 29! haha...I'm glad to be where I'm at, but I think I need to reflect back too.

    I cut my hair when I was 3-4 and was so proud. I obvs looked absolutely ridiculous, but I thought I was on top of the world that I could do such a thing myself. My mom learned to french braid to hide my little mess :)

  7. Completely! I am trying to get that feeling back. Yoga has made me happier in my body and more appreciative of being young and able. But it's definitely a challenge sometimes to just let things go and be happy.

  8. those were the days! i used to come up up with the most ridiculous outfits, but i'm so thankful to my mom for letting me dress myself from a very early age (though she admits it was partially for her own amusement). i really want a pb&j now :)

  9. Check out those baby blues! :) So much fun to look at pictures of our little selves!

  10. i totally understand what you're saying...but we must fight it! i let myself get giddy - it's such a fun feeling :)

  11. well aren't you just the cutest little thing :)

    to maintain the confidence and fervor of a child....

    the world would be a much better place :)

  12. once again, a powerful post. sometimes zoe will come out of her room in the craziest outfit and i resist the biggest urge to tell her to turn around and change, after all she is only 4!! and like you said, before i know it, those days will be gone.

  13. so cute!

    we missed getting to see you guys! but perhaps this weekend...? hope all is well.


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