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I had a very scary Thursday night & Friday morning. My sweet sweet puppy love, Oscar, was pretty sick. He kept crying, not breathing easily, wouldn't eat, and could barely walk. I was a wreck. We rushed him to the animal hospital Friday morning and after some heavy drugs (narcotic, tylenol, and antibiotics) he is making a speedy recovery. The doc thinks he probably pinched something in his back. I seriously have not cried that much in YEARS! Lord help me whenever I have children and they are sick. Just look at this poor poochie...

under the weather
{at the vet, taken on my phone}

In between tears, I noticed the vet's office had some great pet inspired prints. It's hard to go wrong with Theophile Alexandre Steinlen. If the name doesn't ring a bell, I'm you've seen his cat a few times. Steinlen's Art Nouveau illustrations and advertisements are classics. I'm loving these:

Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
Theophile Alexandre SteinlenTheophile Alexandre SteinlenTheophile Alexandre Steinlen
{all photos via}

Do you have any Steinlen or pet inspired prints?


  1. glad he's getting better, he's a little cute!
    love those prints, i have some similar ones but without pets x

  2. Glad the poor little thing is getting better! I

    t's the worst feeling when your pet is sick... it's not like they can say where or what the pain is, so frustrating for us owners!

    Anyway, he is better now. Yey! :)

  3. I'm so happy he's better. So scary! And I love those prints. That one with the bicycle is my favorite!

  4. I am so happy he's recovering. How scary!

  5. glad your puppy's better! i saw on twitter he wasn't feeling well and was sure to pray for the poor thing!

  6. Poor Oscar - I hope he recovers quickly! I have a such a soft spot for animals - currently living with 2 abandoned cats I took in & they are my babies :)

  7. awww, he is adorable, hope he's feeling better! i'm such a nervous wreck when i take my cat to the vet, i know what u mean.

  8. Awh I hope he gets better soon!
    Those pet pictures are great <3


    x x x x x

  9. aw, poor pooch! i would have been a total wreck too! hope he's feeling better! i bought a postcard of that famous cat in paris & it's framed in our kitchen :)

  10. I'm so happy that Oscar is okay! There's nothing scarier than a sick beloved pet.

    And my mother had three of those prints in her bathroom before she renovated them all. I wonder where they went to...

  11. oh, so glad he's better!! what a scary trial to go through!! our pets are so precious!

  12. Poor little fing! Hope he makes a speedy recovery. The posters are cool for a vet, make a change from the worming drugs and micro chip posters!

  13. You have a way cool vet's office. Seriously.

  14. i am so glad that oscar is feeling a lot better... you are going to make a great mama!!

  15. Hope Oscar recovers quickly! I have a 13-year-old pug who is very sick right now and is breaking my heart! She has been a part of my life since she was 4 weeks old!

    For 8 years, I worked as a veterinarian technician, and we also had the same images framed upon our walls. This post brought back so many wonderful memories!

    Big kisses to Oscar!

  16. Hi again ~

    Just checked out your husband's website! VERY impressive indeed!

    Small beloved is also an artist. We attended the Portrait Society conference two years ago, and I hope he enters some of his work in 2011.

    My family lives in GA where I was born and we visit the South often.
    So delighted I found your blog!

  17. so glad that your pooch is better... God always helps us when we need HIM most.. xx pam

  18. we recently had a scare with our little doggie as well. i know how you must have felt. hopefully he's doing better.

  19. Poor little Oscar! It's so hard to watch our fur kids in pain :( I hope he's getting better!


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