I Run for Africa

My cousin (& professional photographer) Sarah Elliot, took these captivating shots while living in Kenya. Sarah is a world traveler & focuses on photographing social issues. She is the co-founder of Razon Collective, an international collective of visual storytellers who seek and convey truths and reasons behind every story told. I am so inspired by the work that she does.

Although I have never stepped foot on African soil or or seen a lot of the amazing things that Sarah has, I have a growing heart for Africa's people. On May 22, I will participate in Ellie's Run for Africa, a 5k race raising money and awareness to put children in school in Kibera, Kenya. This is my third year to participate as a "hero," which means not only am I running, but am raising funds as well. Just $25.00 puts a child in school for a year. This means uniforms, a daily meal, and a chance to change their life. Only $25.00! -- what most of us spend on 2 weeks of Starbucks! I have pledged to raise enough money to put 20 kids in school ($500) & I need your help.

You can donate by clicking HERE. I also invite you to read more about my participation with Ellie's run by checking out my race page.

$25 is the magic number, but any amount is a blessing - even just a couple dollars makes a difference. I would love the support of my blog friends. Shoot me an email if you have any questions.

I'm headed to Missouri for my (twin) cousins' masters graduation. I hope you all have beautiful weather & exciting weekends!


  1. That's so amazing! I've always wanted to participate in something like that. Will talk to the hubs tonight!

  2. As you may already know, I ran my marathon for charity, and in my opinion, that's the greatest way to run. There's nothing like crossing the finish line knowing you did more than just finish but you helped change a life.

    And I know I said this already, but I wish I could run this with you!

    Thanks for helping a little corner of the world this way. I'll be cheering you on from Virginia!

  3. Girl. You utterly amaze me! I wish you all the best with this, I fund raise for a super rural school in the Ethiopian desert and it's insane how such a small thing, such as 2 weeks of no starbucks, can change a life.

    THE BEST of luck to you xoxo

  4. my jaw literally dropped when i saw this! i just posted about an organization that helps support women & children in africa. i have had such a heart to help the world!

    i wish i was near TN so i could lace up for the run! i will definately make a donation!!

  5. that is so awesome Blair!! my heart has been growing ever larger for Africa as well. joel and i just started sponsoring a 4-year-old boy from Kenya, to pay for his food, shelter & education. we are really excited about it.. we can't wait to start communicating with him! it is amazing how far a small sum of money will go over there. this country could so easily end starvation!

  6. I think this is so incredible. You truly are an inspiration.

    And yikes. That Starbucks comment brought me back to reality...

  7. good luck with the run, it's so amazing what you are doing!


  8. You don't know how badly I want to donate! I will have to another time though. I just started two jobs... but I have no money as of now. Not until those paychecks come in! Traveling is expensive! How does your cousin do it? Those are captivating pictures by the way. They truly tell a story.


  9. youre way so kind :)

    wish the best for you :D

  10. blair, what an inspiration you are!!!

    and your cousin is extremely talented... captivating photos!

  11. wow. if i could run it with you, i SO would.

    that sounds incredible.


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