Wiggles {a tea party}

blog tea party
Today I would like to invite you to a little tea party to introduce you to a few people. Living in Music City USA I have some very lovely musical friends (a few I might just call acquaintances) & I would love for you to meet them:

blog tea party

I'd also like to introduce you some great blog worlds I landed in this week...

these fashionistas:

these gals of inspiration:

& these two beautiful Nashville neighbors:

'tis such a lovely day for tea!
{photos weheartit}


  1. you are so sweet! thank you!! i am so so happy to have found your lovely blog as well. definitely one of my new daily reads! :)

  2. Thank you, Blair, for the lovely Fashionista shout out! :)

    Your site is wonderful an I'm so happy to know about your lovely corner of the Internet!

    I just tagged you on my blog and hope you don't mind playing the little game and passing it on!

    Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

    Liesl :)

  3. Aw, thank you so much! You're too sweet. Yay for Nashville neighbors! xo

  4. Lovely post!!!
    The first pic is perfect!

  5. oh! i am so glad you visited my blog because i just adore yours!

    i heart trishie and helen... they are both lovely.

    your newest follower!

  6. awwwww how fun is this, a tea party wee!!! thanks for sharing some other blogs with us!!

  7. So, on this list I LOVE Drew Holcombe, Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, Jessica Campbell! I will have to check out the rest. I think Drew is my favorite... it might have something to do with the fact that I think Essie and I would be friends. :)

  8. i LOVE these photos!!! and i can't resist a tea party...i'll have to check all these lovely links out.

  9. I LOVE that photo!

    Thanks for the little link back to my blog. So honoured!

  10. oh my goodness, you are SOOOO sweet!!! what an honor!!! thank you for linking me. you have SUCH a lovely and inspiring blog!!! i've subscribed. i adore the tea party photos. tea parties are so whimsical and lovely! have a marvelous day!! :)

  11. well hello! I am soo glad you stopped by! Loving your blog. you are right...was just in Nashville! Love that city...may end up there one day.
    Look forward to exploring your blog a little more...

  12. oh and btw...Dave Barnes is a fave of mine. Played all his music at my wedding!

  13. This is so sweet! I love the tea photo!

    You have a wonderful blog. I'm a new follower :)


  14. thank you thank you thank you!!! I love being new bloggy friends with you girlfriend :) xx

  15. thank you for sharing your musical friends with us :)


  16. thank you for introducing them! i love the 1st picture.
    thank you for your lovely comment on my blog x

  17. Congrats! You won my giveaway! I will be emailing you shortly!


  18. You are adorable.


  19. I LOVE tea parties! I have big plans to throw one this summer... These photos are absolutely charming! Love your blog -- am following along and can't wait for more!
    xxoo Josie

  20. hi :)

    cute blog!
    I am now a follower!
    follow me too yeah?

    enjoy ur day!


  21. You really get around this internet! I'm glad you let us follow you around. Love your choices. And a tea party? Please!


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