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I've officially signed up for the Music City 1/2 Marathon & I'm actually excited! I've always been a "kinda runner." I would run a few times a week for a couple months, but then go a couple months without running. Now I'm actually feeling like a runner and have had a lot of fun experiences while training (don't let me mislead you though, I've had some miserable ones too).

I love the way my body becomes a machine during and after a long run. It tells me what it wants and doesn't want. I love eating like a runner -- thats one of the best parts! Its funny what I crave after a run. One day after a long run I was really craving not water, but a beer. I thought I was crazy, but apparently the carbon dioxide helps quench thirst faster and the carbs are an obvious desire. Needless to say, I drank one and was surprising satisfied.

I love running with people. It makes all the difference for an ENFP like myself. Runs without friends are quickly boring and lonely and I hardly stay motivated. Thats why my Wednesday runs are so great -- I run with 90+ other runners through a community running group, East Nasty. I'm new to the group, but I'm loving it! (Do you have a running club in your neck of the woods? If yes, join it. If no, start one!)

When I'm running in East Nashville, I often wish I had my camera with me! Oh the things I wish I could show you -- like the shirtless man running with 5 German Shepherds tied to his waist, or the lady sitting on her front porch with her Chow-chow at her side and her rather large Macaw perched on her shoulder (which actually whistled at me as I ran by), or the old woman pushing a vintage carriage with 3 Chihuahua inside, or the two giant buzzards basking on the curb, or just yesterday when I saw a man walking his dog -- normal enough, except for the 24oz. beer can in the dog's mouth!

There's a lot about running that I still don't love & I still have to literally kick myself out the door some days, but it's all worth it. Just knowing I am accomplishing something I set out to do for myself is great motivation -- the macaws and beer drinking dogs are just the perks!

What motivates you?

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  1. Best of luck! I've never been much of a runner but have always wanted to be. Maybe I should just sign up for a race and have a looming deadline... and I will be forced to get in shape!



  2. Congratulations!! I am not a runner, however I am motivated to get in shape by springtime. Doing some lunges, weights, walking etc.

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  3. i'm an ENFP too!! that is awesome you're running a half-marathon! joel and i have made a goal to run 100 miles each over the summer. it's definitely going to be a challenge considering i hate running! good luck with your training!!

  4. Go You!!! You're utterly motivated!

    Mmmm.... you got me thinking, my motivation comes from small things.

    Have a fab eve!

    Girlie, next Thursday would you like to do a guest post on my blog?! Give me a hollar at patricia_snook1894@yahoo.com


  5. Good luck lady! I am SO not a runner AT ALL, lol.

  6. Good Luck! My husband and I ran our first half last November. One thing that kept me motivated was running in historic areas, where I could look at houses. I even tripped and fell onetime because the house was so interesting. Enjoy and have fun! What mileage are you up to in your training? I actually thought about running the rock and roll half. We ran our 10 mile training while we were visiting Nashville one weekend in Oct. It was awesome! Love running in that city.

  7. Such inspiration! I've kinda been a runner too but know that I need to step it up. I've been thinking of doing a marathon but you're right, maybe a 1/2 marathon is best. Great post girl!

  8. Wow! Runners always impress me. I have been running for a while, but have only got worse! Thanks for stopping by the blog. Its nice to get new readers, please visit again!

  9. Hey pretty girl! I'm with you. My sis and I are signed up for the Rock N Roll 1/2 marathon in VA Beach...good luck!

    PS-I'll be following you now, too!

  10. I wish I had a running partner. Everytime my sister comes home, I practically beg her to let me run with her but she refuses because I'll definitely hold her back.

  11. I think it's just fantastic that you've signed up for a half marathon! I've been running seriously since January and though I'm up to 7.5 mile long runs, I do find those really hard -- having a running buddy would make it much more fun. I hadn't thought about looking for a group to join. It's such a great idea! I'll have to find out if there's one in my area.

  12. that's the one I {attempted} to train for, and the reason I was going to be in nashville - but i lost all motivation during the cold weather!! I'll have to have a buddy next go round!

  13. i was like you for a long time, a "kind of runner." now i definitely consider myself a "real runner" for lack of a better term. i love being outside and making my way through wooded trails with my husband. trail races are my favorite. good luck with your race!

  14. Nothing :-P That's not entirely true, but lately, all I have are excuses. I just started P90X to build some muscle and I wanted to combine it with starting up running again - like you, I'm a kind of runner who needs to get back into it, but work has been so crazy that by the time I get off..i'm beat (another excuse?)
    But this helped. thank you.

  15. Blair: you are an ENFP; I am an ISTJ -- we are complete and total opposites! :)


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