Hence Burgundy, Claret, and Port,
Away with old Hock and madeira,
Too earthy ye are for my sport;
There's a beverage brighter and clearer.
Instead of piriful rummer,
my wine overbrims a whole summer;
My bowl is the sky,
And I drink at my eye,
Till I Feel in the brain
A Delphian Pain-
Then follow, my Caius! then follow:
On the green of the hill
We will drink our fill
Of golden sunshine,
till our brains intertwine
With the glory and grace of Apollo!
-A Draught of Sunshine, John Keats


  1. Hi! I'm Rose from (you commented and so that led me to your wonderful blog.)
    I love the Mary Olive poem, Wild Geese, and especially your blog name quote!

    Also love the picture, reminds me of relaxing summer days!

  2. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! and guess what? my middle name is blair!

  3. love ur blog xxx

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  4. Fabulous post today! Keats can do no wrong in my eyes. He's pretty amazing!

  5. this is lovely. i simply adore keats.

  6. Oh my goodness this photo just makes me want to move to the countryside. Big huge sigh.


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