First Guest Post

Head on over to Tales of a Wondering Star, a great whimsical & fashionable blog from Birmingham, United Kingdom to check out my post. Thanks Patricia for inviting me!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! So far, so great for me. I've already run & am now at work & then heading to the Earth day festival with hubs.

earth day
Have a beautiful earth-friendly weekend!


  1. i loved your post Blair.. it is so true and amazing!! your aspect is wonderful!! thanks for sharing :)

    have a nice weekend..

  2. great post, thanks! I really enjoyed reading it, you are so right, it's never enough is it?
    We nned to learn to be happy and satisfied... lets try, I'll try...
    Have a great weekend xo

  3. Great post and beautiful picture.

  4. I truly enjoyed your post, it's a shame how many of us are truly comfortable and satisfied with the way we are! Thanks for the beautiful reminder:)



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