Wiggles {Carolina Style}

south carolina rainbowsouth carolina coast
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While I love Nashville, there is a lot to be said for the Carolinas! And since I've been really missing my college friends (I went to school in SC), I thought I would get my wiggles out by reveling in some Carolina goodness.

New Music: Carolina Chocolate Drops -- a little bit of African slave ship tradition, a little bit jig, a lot of great string and vocals. It will get you dancing!

Shopping: You can't live in (South)Carolina and not own some Lilly. If you are not afraid of bright, bold, and frilly, Lilly Pulitzer is for you!

Blog Hopping: Although these gals aren't from the carolinas, they've still got charm! Check out Meg's Musings & Chi, Love, Vintage.


  1. I love those building and the sail boat picture :) xx


  2. you are too sweet! :)
    thank you so much, i feel honored to be mentioned in a post of yours.
    beautiful photos, it makes me sorry im not a carolina girl!
    xoxo, rose

  3. What a beautiful blog you have! I love your header... thanks for stopping by Helena's guest post today on my La vie...J'aime blog!

  4. i used to go to running camp in brevard, north carolina .. such a beautiful place! i havent made it south carolina yet.

  5. the panda, oh the panda!!! i love it! i would love to go to the carolinas!! one day, one day....

  6. I heard the Carolina Chocolatedrops on NPR not too long ago, fun music!

  7. Fun post, I'm from North Carolina!

  8. Oh thank you for sharing the Carolina Chocolate Drops... I had never heard of them and I loooove them!


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