Whitest Whites

Sickenly Addictive
{i love everything about this top photo... i'm gonna pretend its me!}
I undertook the daunting chore of changing out my closet this past weekend. Spring has been a bit shy (only gave me 41 degrees yesterday) so I thought re-closeting would be an encouraging you can do it! The weather has definitely perked up & within a few weeks we'll be wearing white (I'm not too into rules, but I do follow the white & linen ones).

Right now all my whites are in a messy pile on my bedroom chair. Some of them are old, but still have good wear left. I want to pump some life back into my whites & was thinking of doing a bleach cycle. I need advice! Is bleach bad? Not even sure how to do it...

Do you have any whitest white tips? Any green whitening alternatives?


  1. bleach is bad, it weakens fabrics. Try oxiclean! it works great.

  2. Yes, yes, agreed with abigail! oxi-clean is the best bet, and it's environmentally safe. If you want them super white, let the garments soak with oxi in a sink or tub for a good 4+ hours, shuffling them around for awhile. Then wash like normal, adding a small scoop of the oxi-clean to your detergent. It's crazy how white everything will become!

  3. oxi clean it is!! i can't wait to try.

  4. what a lovely photo!! i can't wait till it's warm enough to wear dresses again! we've been in the 40s lately too, although we are very lucky -- it's nearly 60!!

    have a lovely evening!!

  5. I wish I could sit in a swing like that all day.. so pretty

  6. lovely photo, i'm going to pretend that's me too, okay? the sun is magical on natural white fibers, i didn't believe until i've laundered cloth dipes this way...quasi-magical.


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