Wednesday Wiggles

shop wiggle
So I kinda gave in & "shopped" a bit... David was the one to pay the cashier, so maybe I'm in the clear? These are my two new favorite things -- lavenderish/greyish nailpolish and taupe "keds" from Urban (I guess they are kinda the same color?).

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  1. Hello Blair, oh I love that name!

    Wow, what a beautiful world you have over here! Yes to all those beautiful blogs, Vampire Weekend, and those shoes!

    Ooh I'm going to hit the follow button once I publish this comment.

    Have a fab week! xoxo

  2. Hi Blair! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love the shoes you got! I was just at Urban the other day and saw those! I think we're going to get along really well! I'm planning to take some pics of the pier near my house. Visit my blog again so you can view it! God Bless...

  3. thanks to linking to me! I am so honored to be sitting in such good company.


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