Tales of a Lazy Cook

the lazy chef

The plain & short of it is this: I'm lazy. That is why I am afraid of the kitchen. The missing ingredients, the trips to the store, the dozen dirty spoons, the prep, the cook time, the cleaning; all for less than 15mins. of eating -- that's if you are even hungry after all the taste-testing you've done as you have nervously attempted perfection. Cooking is hard work.

However, in my hopes of one day becoming a domestic diva, I must power on. I'm in training, if you will -- I must take baby steps before I build to the big stuff. My most current strength test: creamed spinach w/ poached eggs via (you guessed it) Smitten Kitchen.

Part of my laziness is not reading directions carefully and checking ingredients before starting -- for example, I did not have enough spinach, but I didn't take the time to amend the other ingredients' amounts. I must say, however, it still worked, even if it didn't look like this.

Oh, and poached eggs? Not as scary as I thought with the help of this video.


  1. if you are working with Smitten Kitchen - you're in the right spot. {I too am uuber lazy}

  2. Oh my goodness, this look delicous! Sharon xx

  3. thanks for stopping by! :) your space is wonderful too.

    confession: i am terribly afraid of poached eggs... i'll have to try that video... but if i somehow to manage to figure it out i'll have no excuse to go out for eggs benedict!


  4. ..thanks for stumbling over to my little corner of the blogosphere. that meal looks delicious, thanks for having me over here for a little breakfast :D

  5. Haha! I love your honesty. I know I know, sometimes I seriously avoid cooking because I am just too damn lazy thinking about all of the steps, the cleaning, the prepping! Gah! Cooking IS hard work!

    Thanks for stopping by the other day:) Love meeting new bloggers and finding new places to come visit!!

  6. I'm glad you found my blog! Yours is so nice to look at. Especially this


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