It's Swap Time!

We've got 20ish days until spring officially starts, but this gal could not be more ready! Join me in spreading some spring time cheer by sharing your favorite things that remind you of the start of spring.

Item(s) $ limit is 7.00: Just like my last swap, the thought is to keep the whole cost (including shipping) at 10.00max. Some ideas for swapping-- something of your favorite spring color (nail polish, accessories), some spring snacks, an Eastery craft, creative.

Sign up by Friday March 13 {oh scary!} by emailing me your address. After all participants have signed up I will randomly distribute someone else's name and address to you.

Mail your parcel no later than Friday March 20.

This is an open swap. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join. Please pass this on to friends and feel free to share on your blog or other social networks!

Come on Spring!

{photo via let's be happy}


  1. I want to join since this is close to my birthday March 24th.

  2. i'm totally in this time, woo!

  3. this is such a fun idea. definitely looking forward to spring and warmer weather

    xx lue

  4. oh dear i missed the deadline!!
    never mind i'll be more "on the ball" in future.
    Thanks for visiting my blog yours looks lovely and i'll be sure to drop in from time to time,oh and congrats on your anniversary!
    jennifer @ verylittlebird

  5. Okay I am stopping to comment, but I have to go, I am busy tooling through your archives.


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