Wednesday Wiggles

Blog Hopping
Hands down favorite landing pad of the week: So About What I Said.... This blog is so fun & refreshing and the writer makes me smile like no blog-writing-stranger ever has!

Also check out...
Habitually Chic, a fun (and of course chic) design blog
The Drifter and the Gypsy, a blog for art inspiration of all kinds

Still not shopping....
but I did order some new shoes the day before lent from and they just emailed me my shipment info. so I thought I should share -- they've got bukoos of shoes and bookoos of sales -- not to mention free shipping and free returns!

New Music


  1. thAnks for the sHout ouT! I am foLLowiNg yOu nOw.. kEep in ToucH!

    p.s. i checked out joshua radin and i like it..


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