Watch out World... I'm headed to the Kitchen!

It is a commonly known fact that I don't cook. Hubs is great at it (and loves it), so why should I get in the way! Right? Well, hubs is under some big deadlines this week and as much as I loved the lentils and couscous I managed to pull together last night (did I say loved? what I really meant was -- bored by), my tummy has been missing the excitement of David's creations. Where David is a creator (a great quality for an artist), I must simply attempt to follow/copy. Dear Smitten Kitchen, thank you for letting non-cooks like me fake it and appear talented in the kitchen. Tonight I will attempt: Romaine Pesto & egg-stuffed Tomatoes! Who knows, if it turns out great perhaps I'll include it in tomorrow's wiggles. If it doesn't, please take my silence as an ashamed sign that I failed.

My plan for dessert however is a sure success. This dessert, a wonderful mark of the beginning of spring, is sure to please:

{just arrived! oh happy day!}


  1. I'm milking my Tagalongs for as long as I can...
    AND Nashville is still on the radar but is still up in the would be the weekend of the 23rd of March, I'll keep you posted!

  2. thin fave. especially when they've been in the freezer. crack, my friend, crack.


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