A Poem...

Dear Groundhog's Day,
Even though my workday starts at noon,
to you a 6:30 wake up call didn't seem too soon.
Luckily for me the room had a TV,
but the Novocain still felt like a giant, stinging bee.

While the dentist drilled away,
I watched the rodent come out to say:
"I see my shadow, yes, indeed--
for six more weeks, Spring, turn off your speed."

Oh, no! Say it isn't so!
The only thing that could redeem the day is my favorite show...

But wait--there's hope. Today's the day.
LOST's last season is on its way!
Sawyer, Jack, and maybe even Charlie...
I'll celebrate tonight with some brewed hops and barley!

So dentist and winter do your worst--
I'm so happy now I could burst!


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