Here's to a Good Try

I'm not sure I could say I conquered, but I came and I saw and thats about all I can ask for my level of cooking skills. Romaine Pesto & Egg-Stuffed Tomatoes a la Smitten Kitchen:

can't go wrong with garlic -- recipe called for 1 large clove, I interpreted that as 1 & 1/2

so far so good...

crazies of all crazies, this would happen to the girl who is scared to cook -- I had not one, not two, but THREE double yokes fall into my pesto-prepped 'maters!

Overall, this was a fairly easy, yet impressive to look at, meal to prepare. If I do it again, I'll prep the 'maters a bit more (salt & draw out the extra moisture). I also deprived Hubs and I of runny yellow goodness, so I'll cook them a bit less. This is definitely more of a brunch food. For dinner it's not quite savory or appetite fulfilling enough. I was pleasantly surprised with the romaine-pesto, but nothing beats basil. The only big plunder of this cooking experiment: I may or may not have ruined a wooden spoon in the blender and eaten a few splinters of wood...


  1. wow, this looks fantastic! i love a good meatless main.

  2. yummy! i'm such an egg fiend..will have to try this sometime!


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