Rolling with the Resolutions

I'm not too big into resolutions. With that said, I made a small handful for myself this year with the first resolution being, "I will not tie myself too seriously to my resolutions." With the first resolution set, I added:

1. Host my first blog swap {there is still time to sign up - see previous post}
2. Wear lipstick
3. train for a 1/2 marathon
4. find a "language buddy" to work on my spanish
5. Finish the gigantic list of uncompleted books I have on my bookshelf! This is the tough one as I am notorious for being really into a book and then forgetting all about it for months at a time. Starting on Jan. 1 I had 12 books on this list -- ranging from biographies to theology to historical fiction. Although I probably made it to the half way point of most of these, due to my non-fantastic memory, I'll be starting each from page numero uno.

I'm patting myself on the back today for finishing 2/12ths of the list this week. I loved and highly recommend both!

..."change your life" type of books...


  1. Good resolutions! I have been trying to wear lipstick, but I think the best I'm able to do is tinted lip balm. oh well!

    Good luck training! I'm thinking of doing a half later this year (we will see!). Let me know which one you choose!

  2. LOVED "Same Kind" and am working on "What Difference do it Make?" Ron and Denver's follow up AND me and my mom are going to see them speak this friday in Birmingham!!!

  3. Do you want your language buddy to be a native speaker? I spent a semester in Mexico studying Spanish in college and get mad when I realize how much I have forgotten. Want to be buddies?

  4. Hi, Blair I am so excited to be in your very first swap! I'm also excited to follow you and your coming swaps you have in mind! How cool to do a free swap! Something to get our minds going! LOL With the way the economy is there has got to be a way to make it fun! I love your list! I too am focusing on self improvement and to be able to pay more things forward to people! and to love them too! Have a great week Blair. Take care, Fran.


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