Reveling in Nashville - Part 8

Have I mentioned that I like to eat? It's been a while since my last nash-rev, and I have since run across several new found local faves, today I'll introduce you to two. They are two totally different joints that happen to be right next to each other in East Nashville (my 'hood): Marché & Nuvo Burrito.

Marché! Oh where in the world of wonderful delights do I begin? By far the best food I have ever had in a restaurant. Paired with good friends and mulled wine, I savored every bite of an appetizer (unique cheese, fruit reduction, and raisin toast), Greek olive bread & butter, and ... get ready for this--butternut squash ravioli with kale, Gorgonzola, and walnut. Definitely one of the best food experiences I have had so far. Out of three, I will say it is two $$, so its not your everyday eatery (at least not on our budget)...but mm-mmm good! Birthday, anniversary, promotion,... you'll find us at Marché!

Under the same roof and just one $ out of three, is your "not-so-typical burrito joint," Nuvo Burrito. If you like dinning to 80's music videos (who doesn't) in a clean and contemporary atmosphere this place is for you. Looking for Mexican? Check out this menu and you'll know you are in the wrong place! Last night I ate a meal deserving of a white table cloth (the "Heart of Dixie"--mashed sweet potatoes, cole slaw, black beans, sweet corn relish, monteray jack, and bacon wrapped in a spinach tortilla)! In fact, David and I shared & both walked away with full tummies. On top of everything, you feel like the owner and other workers are your best friends - personable, generous, and fun!

There you have it. Go get your eat on (just remember to pick me up on your way)!


  1. mmmmmmm... buttterrrrrnuuuutttt ssqqqqquaaaaaasssshhhhhh.....


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