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Go Go Gadget Watch

Nothing beats the "running by my lonesome," blues like good gadgets. If your an ENFP like me, the pangs of training for a race are the lonely trails and the long runs by yourself. After 30 mins. I start to get anxious -- "wait I think I'm missing something," or "oh, gosh, I wish I was with so-and-so right now." But for ENFPs sometimes all you need is a little distraction. Paired with my nano, my nike+ watch is the perfect remedy.

{it can work without Nike shoes, you just have to rig it! note: wrapping paper on my shoe}

Its pretty sweet. Communicating with a chip on my shoe, it tracks my milage, pace, calories, and of course, time. The watch is a usb that plugs straight into the computer. Once plugged in, nike+running online maps my runs - showing me my changes in pace and run averages. I can also make myself notes about individual runs, look up trails in my area, make goals, and communicate with other runners.

{it keeps a girl motivated}


  1. I didn't know you could use that without wearing nike shoes! How does that work?!

  2. you've got to rig it! If you can tell in the picture i have wrapping paper on my shoe....ha! It was actually pretty frustrating figuring it out for the first few runs...

  3. BLAIR!! I was so excited to get a sweet little package in the mail!! I can't wait to read it!! Thank you!


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