Favorite Things Swap!

I'm back! (Please stop the screams of excitement, I'm humbled...) To get things back on track, and as one of my TWENTYTEN resolutions, I bring you my first...

We all have our little things we can't live without... join me in spreading the love & joy and sharing your favorites with someone else (a stranger even)!

Here's how to participate:

Item(s) $ limit is 7.00. So this is a swap for your little favorite things. The idea is that this swap (including shipping) will be 10.00 or less. {A couple ideas for little favorite things that fit the price limit - fun jewelry, favorite lip/chapstick, children's book, something from your favorite store, candy...}

Signup by Monday Jan. 18 by emailing me your address. After all participants have signed up I will randomly distribute someone else's name and address to you.

Mail your favorite thing(s) to your new friend.

All are welcome to join (facebook readers too!). Please feel free to invite your friends to join or post this swap on your blog or homepage {please do}. I'd love to see how many people we can gather.

I am hoping this will be a fun "re-grand opening." Its been too long since my last real post. I'll have lots of holiday recaps and other jewels to share in the next few days...

Happy Swapping!


  1. Sounds fun! I'm in and will email you my info. Thanks!

  2. I just found your blog and what a cute idea! Love all the Nashville posts - makes me miss my hometown! Count me in on the swap :)

  3. I'm in! Plus, I posted about it on my blog! Yippee! Lori

  4. HI, Blair I hope you got my email for the sign up! I'm excited to do my first swap of 2010! Looking so forward to my partner!! Swaps are so awesome!!! Take care, Fran.

  5. I can't find your email addy so I'm commenting here...your email with my swap partner is MIA. Can you please resend? THANK YOU!!!
    Michelle fnpmlp @ aol(dot)com


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