Smitten Wednesday Experiment

I've gone and done it again!... my husband is starting to worry -- I cooked dinner last night. After discovering SmittenKitchen last week and last Wednesday's successful squashy-goatcheese-tomato pizza, I decided to give it another whirl. Last night's menu - butternut squash and carmalized onion galatte!

My lack of attention to detail got in the way at the grocery store last night and I forgot the fresh sage (I had to settle for dried) & my lack of patience and time got in the way of making a homemade crust-- in other words, this recipe was done the Blair way.

It turned out pretty well. We liked it (just not as much as last week's pizza). It is very savory. Almost too savory for my liking. If your looking to try this recipe, my suggestion would be to buy cheaper cheese. The fontain cheese it calls for is nothing special (especially for the price). It tastes just like munster cheese, plus I think this dish would be better with some mozerella and parmesan.

I had some extra butternut squash and more or less made little "tatter-tots" with them - tastes a lot like sweet potatos. mmmm-yum.

All in all, I'm expanding my horizons in the kitchen (you should all be grateful). Don't hold me to it, but perhaps you'll see me back in the kitchen next Wednesday!