I got a Handwritten Letter from the Smallwoods...

Who loves mail? Raise your hand! Who loves parcels filled with homemade surprise gifts?...

Exactly! Not a single person with their hands down! Thats why yesterday was so great... this lovely family --

sent me this --

Oh HAPPY day!!

This package came all the way from the SmallWoods via the Inkling Network. Tammy is an awesome artist/singer/musician/mommy/blogger. (did I mention she is my cousin-in-law?!) I loved my surprise. Tammy & Jamie (her hubbs) are so fun and each have a bounty of artistic ability. But you should check out their many skills yourself!

Thanks Tammy! I (and david, and my whole office, and everyone I have met today) love my little hoot pin, business card caddy, and print! In short-- y'all are pretty much the bomb!


  1. you're so sweet, blair!!! i'm so glad you like your parcel! :D you are SO encouraging!



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