Wickedly Addicted

It all started last Saturday when David surprised me with tickets to Wicked (I'll pause so you can let out your "awwww").....

First let me say that my favorite way to see movies is when I know nothing about them from the start... have never seen a preview, have no recollection of the plot or characters... but I just dive in and let the story unfold...

For the most part, I saw Wicked mostly in this way... I was... to be cliched and a bit punny - spellbound! I was like a 4-year-old granted the pleasure of ridding on Santa's sleigh. Afterward my friend Melissa asked, "did it change your life?" to which I had no other choice than to reply most emphatically, "Why, Yes!"

I sang it all week. I entered meetings with a pleasant, "Its nice to see me." I was that girl. I answered my husband's questions in Wicked songs. I started planning my Elphaba Halloween costume... go ahead and label me - I'm an addict with no plans of change.

I was supposed to be at the beach this weekend. As soon as plans changed I got online for the chance to see Wicked one more time before it left Nashville. I was not surprised -- completely and utterly sold out.

But... there IS a Wicked lottery, a small glimmer of a chance to get to go again. David, Scott, Melissa, and I gave it a try-- we forged our way through the Titans pre-game traffic, we waded through the sea of other wanna-be-lottery-winners, and put our names one-by-one in the cauldron. Over 200 of us and only 10 names would be called. But have no fear - Melissa's name was called first!!! (....I'll pause for your happy squeal.....) And sweet gracious Scott passed his ticket to me. Melissa and I had a date for the FRONT ROW! Oh what a glorious day it was!


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