Second Hand Salute

Belt: Grammie's Closet, $0
Dress: Church Yard Sale, JCrew $1
Satisfaction of Frugality: Priceless
{the priceless comment was my dad's comment on this post so I decided to edit it in}

Today I celebrate second hand clothing! Here's to you--gently used unseen treasures passed on from one to another. I salute you.

{no offense to my new boots also worn today...
you can always aspire to second hand status}
Target: $30


  1. I want new boots like woah. Yay for secondhand! you have plans during Sept 30th-Oct 4th? I got a surprise couple of days off and was trying to figure out what to do. A little trip to Nashville crossed my mind...

  2. I was looking at a pair of second hand boots last week. Now you have me wishing I had picked them up.


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