Reveling in Nashville - Part 4

There are a handful of notable Nashville landmarks -- we've got the Parthenon, the "batman" building, LP field, the Hermitage,... but the good ones are those that are perhaps only known by the locals or the "off the beaten path" tourists--

{The Belcourt Theater}

{Bobbie's Dairy Dip}

{Blue Bird Cafe}

{Elliston Place Soda Shop}

{The Donut Den}

These are the places to go if you really want a true Nashvillian experience!

You'll notice that the last two have a brilliant, not-to-be-confused-as-tacky, neon sign. Well there are some people around this city of mine that wish this dying art of signage to become extinct! They want to suck the spirit right out of these landmarks.

Donut Den is especially endangered. Property owners are fighting to enforce more unified business signs. The argument: dancing neon donuts = excessive eye sore distracting from the rest of the uppity Green Hills district OR 30+ year-old signage that should be revered as an historic landmark and left intact and restored for the sake of nostalgia and general feelings of happiness.

If you love Me, Nashville, or Neon Signs,... please click HERE and vote to keep the dancing donuts in all their neon brilliance.


  1. reveling in nashville v5:

    alektor cafe
    station inn
    book man book woman
    tire swing at the laser (deceased)
    boy scout @ pencil brick wine store

    please post these with pictures as soon as possible (you may need to consult outside sources)


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