Reveling in Nashville - Part 2

What else do I love about Nashville?... COMIDA! Here are some recent favorites!

Located in East Nashville -- David and I have only been once, but we are SURE to go back! We went last week for the bday dinner. Besides the great ambiance, we had awesome food for a great price...mostly because there is an awesome Wednesday 2 for one pizza speacial (and here "cheese pizza" = gouda, mozzerella, swiss, & chedder!). Come to visit and this will be where we take you!

Located in Downtown Nashville (sorta) -- Best espresso in Nashville & Beyond! They have a bunch of awesome Spanish type espresso drinks that are so unique and so good! And comparitivly- pretty inexpensive for Nashville coffee shops!

{and last but not least, something sweet}

Located in the 12th South District-- This is not your average popsicle joint. "Red is not a flavor!" Think- Basil, Watermelon Cayan, Habisicis, Pumkin, chai tea, cucumber with chilli.... YUM! They've even been on the Food Network.

Let me know when you want to come do the Nashville Yummy Food tour!! The guest room is ready and waiting!


  1. I need to come for another visit!

    If only the drive was less than 10 hours. Blah.

    Maybe, maybe...hey, do you want a Thanksgiving guest? My parents are ditching me!


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