A Day to Myself...

So... as you might remember, before the trip I had a short list of tasks to accomplish. Two of them kind of got wrapped up into one: take lots of pictures of the Pearl District and enjoy my time alone in Portland (since David was at the bachelor party all day).

So to report on my day alone - I'd give the day a B (maybe teetering on a B-). This girl was just not designed to be alone. I also... big shock coming... don't read maps and am not good with directions!! So I did spend some time alone wandering lost in the city trying not to look like an inviting piece of tourist meat while walking with my camera around my neck and my city map stretched out wide in front of my nose.

After finding myself I treated myself to Gelato and then found all the cool stuff that I had walked SEVERAL blocks in the wrong direction looking for. I would have been more excited upon the 5$ block party I stumbled on later if I had not been a party of ONE -- all the food I could eat including more gelato! There was great music and fun decorations. I ended my time in "the Pearl," by buying some grapefruit spoons and catching the street car so I could hop the bus to my hotel...

Anywhoo- too many words already so here is the evidence:

By the way... I thought I had figured it all out... putting an iphoto slideshow on youtube..but it appears I have failed... as there is no audio and the visual is horrendous... and its late... so please send advice myway for the best way to add said slideshow as I now feel defeated as it was the cornerstone of this blog!


  1. You could upload photos to flickr or Picasaweb to maximize our slideshow enjoyment.


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