Vacation Picture Scroll

I was promising a slideshow... but sparing you the long story here is a quick (long) scroll of vacation pics.


  1. Blair,

    Where exactly did you go in Washington? Lauren goes to school at U of Washington so we get up there. Were you on one of the islands or where exactly?

    Did you ask to hold the flying fish?

  2. these are all wonderful pics!! so fun. Isn't Seattle AMAZING!!!

  3. Ohhh. Seattle. So beautiful. The Sound. Mount Rainier. So glad it was sunny for you guys. I have never been there when it's notoriously rainy all the time. Looks like it was great, wedding and all. I love the kissing pictures. Tooo sweet. Oh, Oh, and the Pike Market. You got to throw a fish!? Or catch one? And the ferry. Ah, yes. Did you let the gulls take fries out of your hands as they soared above you? Always fun times. And a Starbucks on every corner. And AWESOME ice cream the minute you get off the ferry. My sister's in-laws are all mostly from the Suquamish Reservation there, across the Sound from Seattle. Looks like it was a good time all around.


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