Melt my heart!

David and I spent Independence weekend in Birmingham with the McLeod clan. We spent a lot of our time entertaining ourselves by watching home videos. We rolled a lot on the floor laughing from early McLeod boy antics... this video (or video of a video that you will be viewing) had me in tears! This is David at 2 years 9 months singing the complete hymn of "Great is thy Faithfulness." I was just so touched to see at such a young age God was already calling David into the man he is today. I watched it several times! Sadly, my camera ran out of memory and it cuts out just a bit early...but you'll get the idea. Bruce was afraid the camera would scare David from singing, but you'll get a good glimpse at the end of my sweet almost 3-year-old husband! Please God let my kids look just like him!


  1. Oh my goodness. Seeing them (David and James Thomas) like that just about brought me to tears. And then I got that hiney shot from James and burst out laughing. I LOVE toddlers. Man, they are the best. I'm impressed with David's singing voice, too.

  2. Before reading any of the text, I saw the still frame there, and from that angle and with the visor and lighting masking hair color, I initially thought that was Sophie.


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