Stylish & Frugal Packing

I am super pumped to be heading for VACATION on Friday. Although David and I have made several small trips for weddings and lake weekends, this is really what we consider our first official vacation together! We are heading out West to Seattle and Portland and than on to Eugene, OR for our friend Avery's wedding!

Now normally, if I had not emptied out our budget on our fabulous new house, I would have gone shopping for some great vacationing garb. But since I wasn't in the position to do so, I came up with an even better solution -- borrow! And since I have a stylish friend like Natalie -- I was quickly set up with a week's worth of vacation fashion... three shirts, three dresses, a skirt, and jewelry! Thanks Nat! I LOVE you (& not just because you let me closet shop!)

I also got thrifty for a new skirt! My mom found a great dress at the church yard sale for me, but it was a bit to big. So... I cut off the top, took it in on the sides, hemmed it... and voila! a new skirt! (I'm pretty proud of myself!)


I am a happy girl ready for vacation! as not to lie by omission.. I did purchase a new white tank and sandals from Target!


  1. woohoo...I made your blog! Love you to come closet shop anytime!! And fabulous work on your new skirt!!!!!


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