Turning a House to a Home

You have all been so patient awaiting house pictures... but sadly, this is the only one you get. The last four weeks have been a whirlwind of boxes, dust, paint, and dirt. David has been an all star and in the past month has painted like a mad man, tore down a wall, ripped up the floors from two rooms, installed-stained-sealed new hardwoods in said rooms, continues to put together all the pieces of our new kitchen (cabinets, counter tops, etc.), respliced/repaired our telephone line to install Internet, redone electrical wiring in the kitchen... I mean what can this man not do? I love you David!

My only accomplishments have included mowing the lawn and pretending to garden (what you see is the result of a week of having both sets of parents in town). Thank you Mom Dad Bruce & Mary for all your help with everything!!

We've met some of our neighbors and so far really enjoy them. Across the street are 9 awesome kids under 13.. the youngest is 3 weeks old. I have yet to master all their names - they all start with Z. The leader of the bunch is 9-year-old "Little Man." That is his real nickname he told David. They are all awesomely sweet and shout to me from the yard whenever they see me. One day I was out working on the yard and heard some muffled noises that sounded like my name - apparently they weren't allowed outside at that time so I saw 5 sweet faces behind a glass door shouting my name!

We are loving East Nashville and slowly working towards to becoming part of the community and not just resident squatters. There is lots to see and do and people to meet...not to mention lots of great restaurants and food to eat!... so far my favorites are Battered and Fried (Boston Sea food and sushi) and Pied Piper (homemade ice cream..I had the Lemon Ginger custard..i recommend it!). One day I even aspire to be a part of the East Nasty running club, but as stated in the previous post about the race on Saturday... moving does not equal staying in shape.

Since we finally got internet at home...I have a lot of photo postings to catch up on (not house pictures - don't get too excited)... so stay tuned.


  1. it is beautiful! can't wait to see more pictures :) we hope you guys keep having as much fun with it, because it can be SOOO much fun!

  2. so stinkin cute! I love it! so happy for you guys!

    oh by the way. we are really diggin Francis Chan these days. Ya'll heard of him or listen to his podcast. Unfreekinbelievable. His book Crazy Love is awesome too! checkkcc it ouuuttt!!


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