Ellie's Run 2009

What a great (early) start to our Saturday! Thanks to all who have supported me! I was able to reach my goal of sending 20 kids to school! Although David & I have (sigh) not run since we have moved... we still had a great time jogging together & I really enjoyed praying for Elizabeth Diana as I huffed and puffed my way through the trails. She is a new student at the school in Kenya! I may never meet her, but she is dearly loved!

Betsie Carlson!

The run was the start of a great day! After a short nap when we got home.. I spent the majority of the day in the yard.. I mowed, trimmed hedges, used some bricks in the backyard to make a border for some flowers in the front yard, dug out some GIANT weeds in the backyard...hence, between running for the first time in 3 weeks and yard work - I am still sore on Monday! Saturday night we hung out with the Annie & David Roberts (Annie went to Vandy with my David) for a great dinner. They just moved to East Nashville 2 weeks ago and are WAY more moved in then we are. We are excited about hanging out with them more to come! We had a lazy but RESTFUL day on Sunday which included seeing "UP" (not our favorite pixar, but enjoyable) and getting our digital converter box/antenna hooked up along with our basic DSL internet...we're cutting the excess out so hopefully I'll learn to just sit and be still more instead of being glued to the tube. To sum up the weekend: we are so grateful for the lives God has given us!


  1. That is so great. Also, Tommy and I saw UP this past weekend, too. In 3-D, no less. It was cute. We could definitely see the Disney influence, but we loved the things the Pixar writers threw in as always (tying in the ball thing with a way for mr. fredrickson to get the dogs to go away). Anyway, it was great to hear that the support has been used to send 20 kids to school. Wow. We love you guys.


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