Vandy Dumpster Diving 2009

This is my second year as part of the adventurous VDD team (Check out LAST YEAR with teammate Christie).  You just can't imagine what Vanderbilt students leave behind as trash! Unfortunately, this year I had to venture over alone, but have no fear - I was victorious over the spoiled VanderBrats! This year's booty included:

2 Pais of Rainboots (which I've been wanting for quite some time), an umbrella, 6 tie dye shirts that my bros-in-law will be quite excited about, a lamp, 2 cookie sheets, 3 under the bed storage containers (perfect for moving), 2 smaller containers, lots of hangers, a cute red purse WITH TAGS attached, sunglasses, RL polo, outdoor chair, big flash light, bathroom scale, soy candle, cookbook, fun necklace, the 4th Twilight book, a couple fun tshirts, giant Mad Libs book, bookends, fabreeze, 3 bason jars, unopened boxes of noodles and grahm crackers, Vandy Sweatshirt blanket (note: I also got one of these last year!), a not-so-mini fridge/freezer for David's studio (he'll keeps his paints and brushes in there!), and a TV-dvd player!  (I actually got a mini-fridge last year that was too mini and a plain mini tv... so i'll be taking those to goodwill now that I've upgraded!)


  1. I need rainboots!!! No really, I do. mind sharing a pair?! Oklahoma has recently turned into Seattle.

  2. all that stuff looks practically new! crazy. glad you found our blog!!!


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