House Update

I had a four day weekend (thank you Jesus) all of which was necessary and used for moving... LOTS OF IT! Special thanks to Justin Carlson and his crew of 4 rugid highschoolers from Covenant.

We spent our first night in the house last night after a great dinner with the Hagers in E-Nash. I kept having dreams that I was sleeping on boxes which made for a bit of restless night.

On another note... we realized this morning that our shower only works when the kitchen sink is running.. and on top of that the hot water heater is broken... so if you think something stinks... its probably me as I have not showerd today...


  1. You are too cute. The stink comment was hilarious. It's going to be just fine. It sounds like it has character and that fits you guys perfectly! I mean that in a good way.

    Are you guys coming to the reunion? I couldn't remember if ya'll had something going on that weekend.

  2. I'm with Courtney - we need pictures!!!

    And it sounds like the house is breaking you guys in as home-owners pretty quickly!


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