Ellie's Run - Help me raise money for children's education in Kenya!

Its that time again! Time for Ellie's run! Y'all might remember this from LAST YEAR, but there is a 5k that was started by a 10 year old (Ellie, now 15) that helps raise money for children's education in Kenya. Last year I ran as "Hero" which means I worked to raise money to pay for 10 children to have the clothes and books necessary to enter school. By the race I think I had enough for 11 or 12 kids! Only 25 dollars is holding kids out of school. A fortune to them, but what is it to us? 2 weeks of Starbucks? A new shirt from the sale rack? a lunch date? Is a kid's education and livelyhood worth the sacrifice of a couple mochas or a shirt that you won't wear next year anyway? I hope you will find the answer to be a definite yes!

This year I have raised my pledge to raise enough money to support 20 kids! Thats $500 - 25 dollars per child (but I would love to help 25, 30, 100 kids... as much as we can!). I would love for you to join me in this cause. There are several ways you can help me-

1. Post about Ellie's Run on your Blog, linking to me and how someone can donate.
2. Send me a check made out to African Leadership - ERFA - Although 25 is the magic number, every little bit helps so don't be shy to send me a dollar - I'll gladly accept it! Please put my name in the memo line.
3. Go ONLINE to donate by credit card. You will have a chance to put in my name as the Hero for which you are donating under.
4. Ask your family & friends if they are interested in helping. Do you work with kids? Educate them on kids like them in Africa. Afterall, that is how this all started - someone teaching Ellie that Africa was not just an America with Monkies and Lions, but a place that is in desperate need of our help.

If you would like to read more about Ellie & her God given dream click HERE to peruse the website. Also, just to be clear- none of this money goes to me. It all goes to Kibera Kenya!

You can track my progress on the top right of my blog!