Blog Give Away!! - Dream Big Take Action T-Shirt

This is the shirt from last year's race for Ellie's Run for Africa. This has never been worn and is a size Medium. If you want to win this shirt, all you have to do is post a short tidbit on your blog telling your readers about how they can help support Ellie's Run this year. Leaving a comment about a cause you support gets 1 entry, posting about this on your blog gives you an extra entry, donating to support a child will give you 3 extra entries.

I'll even write the Blog for you (websites in parenthensies provided to turn into links because I don't think copy/past will carry over a link) :

I want to tell y'all about this cool oppurtunity to help raise money for children's education in Kibera, Kenya. My friend/ a girl from a blog I read, Blair( is running a race June 13th called Ellie's Run for Africa ( in Nashville, TN. This race was started by a 10 year old girl with a dream to help educate children in Kibera, Kenya. It only costs $25.00 to give a one kid the clothes, books, and supplies they need for a whole year of school! Thats only 1 week of Starbucks or a shirt from the sale rack - hopefully an easy sacrifice. Blair is running as a "Hero" which means that she is raising support for her run. She has made a goal of $500.00 - thats 20 kids & she needs your help. If you are interested in supporting Blair, you can donate ONLINE ( and typing in her last name: McLeod. For more information on the race & Ellie's Dream you can email Blair - or check out the race history HERE (

I will pick the winner on June 5th. Please make sure to leave a link to your blog & your email address. If you donate online please make sure to leave your name on the donation form so that I can track your donation.


  1. Really nice thing you do here, everybody should have chance to get an education! Think we don't appreciate ours as much as we should. Wish I had blog, so I could spread the word.
    All the best!

  2. i dont have a blog, so cant do that. but-- last week i was in a relayforlife organization event- supporting cancer survivors, and it went well. i believe this counts as an entry, if not, thanks anyways! love the shirt design.


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