Where I Worship

Our church, Covenant Presbyterian, was finally able to open the doors of our brand new sanctuary on Psalm Sunday!

David and I weren't there for the Easter Service this past weekend, but Dedication Sunday was a true blessing. We both feel that our worship in this building, dedicated to God's glory and abundance of grace and mercy, is a wonderful new blessing in our lives and the life of our church family. The sermon for the dedication was entitled "The Fragrance of Worship" - referring to the story of Mary giving the costly gift of perfume to wash Jesus' feet after he has raised Lazarus from the dead.

I was trying to figure out how to convert the MP3 of the sermon into HTML so I could convert and post (let me know if you know how), but couldn't figure it out and ran out of time. So click HERE and then go to the sermon from 4/5 Fragrance of Worship. It is definitely worth a listen.

Also, for hurmors sake and a bit of sense on the timeline of construction click HERE to link to an entry from 11/07 when the church raised the cross to the top of the steeple.

P.S. I borrowed these pictures from J Hager who is the Senior High Youth Director and one of our best friends (along with his sweet wife Natalie)!