Pictures of OUR house!

These pictures are not great and do not give near a full view of the whole house. They are what was part of the online listing, but should hold any curious eyes over until we get some better ones. The inspection went great yesterday. Not really anything to worry about at this point. My dad-in-law came up and checked everything out too and then worked on some plans for adding/renovating/changing. My DIL has skills. We should be able to close in the next 2 1/2 weeks & then we are going to renovate the kitchen and get David's studio room ready... and then MOVE IN by the 2nd to last week in May! What a whirlwind! And I must say, THANK YOU Granddaddy Stewart for helping to allow us to get to do all this!

This is the front room view from the open kitchen.

This is a partial view of the front bedroom and what will be our room. There are two other rooms. One is similar to this one but a little smaller & will be the guest room - (come visit!). The third will be David's studio, is in the back of the house, & has oak paneling(that will be painted).

This is the only bathroom & is a bit small -- we can always add one down the road.

View of entrance to the laundry room and out into the yard.

View of kitchen from living room. Before move in we are redoing most of the cabinents & are going to go ahead and take the plunge for granite tops. There is also a pointless wall to the right that you can't see that will be knocked down for more space!

The back yard! Equipped with a big shed to the right, dogwoods, and purple irises! Sometime this summer we will also put in some sweat equity and put up a privacy fence.


  1. i love your house! horray! it is great and you will have so much fun with it! congrats!

  2. I love it!!

    Perhaps I will come visit and stay in your guest room sometime :)

  3. awesome!!!

    see you guys this weekend for grandmom's birthday?

    much love!

  4. holy cow!!! this is the cutest thing I have ever seen! So happy for you guys. now you just need a little baby living in that house with you!:)

    hey we may be coming to Drinkwines wedding. Will keep you posted! if we come for a few days is there anythign fun for us to do in Nashville. We will be bringing Rev adn Calvin if we come!

    love and miss ya

  5. yay!! congrats...LOVE it : )
    happy house owning!


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