These are a few of my favorite things...

Spinach- lots of it... baked, raw, seasoned, plain, warm, cold: give it to me, I love it.  Always have & always will.
Black Tea- english, scottish, breakfast, earl gray, chai... its a new found love, but it runs deep.  Give me some cream and honey and I am a happy chica.
Berries- blue, black, rasp, straw- I'll eat them all. 

Not my favorite things:
Drinking lots of water all day long and going to the bathroom all day long.
Pain in my side for months

What do all these things have in common?-- what is believed to be a pesky buggy kidney stone.  thats what!


For any fans of television's House or anyone (cough cough my sister) medical type students:

Oxalic acid is a relatively strong organic acid, being about 10,000 times stronger than acetic acid.  Many metal ions form insolunble percipitates with oxalate, prominent example being calcium oxalate, which is the primary constituent of the most common kind of kidney stone...ediple plants that contain significant concentrations of oxalic acid include-in decreasing order- star fruit, black pepper, parsley, poppy see, amaranth, spinach, chard, beets, cocoa, chocolate, most nuts, most berries, and beans...leaves of the tea plant contain among the greatest measure concentrations of oxalic acid relative to other plants [mostly traceable in black tea drinks].


  1. hey Blair!!!
    i received my fun fun package yesterday! thank you so much. what a TREAT! i loved the recycled box you used for wrapping too! I especially love the keychain!!! Rev enjoyed getting mail too and loved looking through everything. that list is hilarious you sent, the one about 25 reasons you love emily or osmething??? when did you/ya'll write that. do yhou remember Katie Conklin? she emailed me yesterday on my blog, or left a comment i should say. i wanted to write back but there is no link to leave comments on her blog. anyways, thansk again. you are so sweet. we are waiting for yall to come to texas sometime!!! as soon as i have this baby maybe we will plan a short weekend trip to Nashville. Flights are SO cheap right now1

  2. this is the way a blog should be! thanks!


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