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Doggy Birthday Party

David and I ventured into a new first in our marraige... we escorted Oscar to his first French Bulldog Birthday Party... Long silly story, but basically story is... we buy his special dog food at a botique (Lucky Pup) kinda near us... the spokes-dog for the boutique is a FBD named Leroy and Leroy was having a party for his 1st bday. Oscar was invited. Not knowing anyone, we went and there met two other black brindle FBDs... one of which- at the simple comand of "POLAR BEAR" gets angry and will jump up and bite men's "no no" area.... anywhoo.. it was fun and we met some new people (all of which were the fun, nashville, musician/artist type). Oscar got a party hat and a goody bag to take home of Carob Chip Cookie Dough Treats. There might even be a FBD play date in the future...


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