2009 Calendar.. or .. Too Much Cuteness

1 of 9 French Bulldog puppies and a rescued kitten over at the Lindsey/Grantham's house a couple weeks back.

Our sweet Oscar is very cold natures.... shivers, cries, burrows... so for practical reasons, he needed a sweater. Do not make fun. He is still manly.

Not overwhelmed by cuteness yet and want to see more? click...HERE!

On another note-- I'm a bad blogger. It is now 100% official. But, I feel this is something to be praised.. the reason I am a bad blogger is because I love my job and I love that I am busy at my job. However, I will attempt to be a little less detached from davidandblairmcleod.blogspot.com!


  1. I looked at these pictures on facebook a few days ago and gasped in class at the cuteness!

    I'm thrilled that you are loving your job!!


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