Where have I been?

At work and loving it... thats where I have been- Praise God!!

Other than that David and I are anxiously anticipating the FALL.  We have had a few teases of cool weather & love it.  David's painting is picking up.  He is working on a couple different portraits and also getting ready for an art show in November.  He has also recently submitted his portfolio for a major Nashville show in April so be praying for that.

Our Auburn Tigers are not doing very well.  I think David is finally coming to terms with that fact.  Vandy only has one loss & still has the posibility of a bowl game... that would be great!

Anywhoo... to add to this random blog...  I made an apron!-- I used a pattern for the first time & it turned out pretty well.  It is not without flaws, nor was it made without creating a huge mess of scraps and tangles of thread.  Mom was a lot of help too!  (My parents have been in town a couple times in the last month which has been really fun... thanks to my dad's keen sense of hot spots/holes in the wall, david and i finally tried out some of Nashville's favorite places of dining... but thats another story..)

The Apron:


  1. So cute. You look like Donna Reed or June Cleaver in the dress, necklace, shoes...and apron. Too, too cute.

    See: http://www.televisionheaven.co.uk/donnareed4.jpg


  2. Cute, Blair!

    Did I tell you I'm asking for a sewing machine for Christmas? I'm pretty excited.


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