Wonderful Siloam!

A few pics of the office:
This is where volunteers sign in and work occasionally. The desk towards the front is the vol. desk. I am in the back. The flower you see is from our board chair. He brings each of us one every month. In between the desks is the sign-in sheet, my candy jar (as if i wasn't popular enough already..hehe) and my seasonal decoration (99cent walgreens pumpkin). My desk is still it he process of feeling like home... but you get the idea.

I could not love it here more... what a blessing.

Here is a little video from a news clip on Siloam:


  1. Veeery cool, Blair! I'm uber excited for you!

    I recently found out about a charter elementary school in Decatur, GA that is primarily for refugees and displaced kids from like 50 countries and decided that they need me as a Speech Pathologist, no?

    Yay for a new job!

  2. did you get my little package!? your office is cute as can be:) I hope you have a picture of me on your desk


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