A Pleasant Trip to Pleasanton

Can you spot my mom?

Jessica and I just returned home last night from a great trip out to California. It was wonderful to get to spend time with my grandmother "Grammie," who suffers from Alzheimers, and also with Grampie who is hopefully finished with treatments for non-Hogkins Lymphoma. We also enjoyed time with cousins Drew & Trey (missed you Bryce!) and with our Aunt Marilyn. In true Morrell Family fashion we took tons of pictures that I will post links for soon. At the end of every day Grammie asked, "did I get enough pictures today?"

One quick funny story-- Grammie likes going to "the show" (movies) and really likes scary mysteries... we took her to see Mirrors & she loved it! Jessica and I, however, had to keep covering our eyes.