How do i keep getting sucked into this...

I 80% disliked the last movie- almost swearing off HP forever... but, here I am again anxiously awaiting the next movie. Its like the comment Pastor Bauchman made yesterday- "right now your favorite college football team is undefeated, this could be your year!...and even if they end up 1&9, then you'll soon be undefeated again and the Next year you know for sure will be your year..." Thats where I am with the ol' Harry Potter and his movies.. with each disappointing strike out my hope in the next movie just grows- you gotta get it eventually right?.... anywhoo- this trailer proves the movie promising!


  1. I can't help my excitement either. Which is super lame, because I'm an adult. With a life. And I have a strange fascination with Harry Potter.

    It looks so dark and creepy...I think I'll like it.


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