Baby Coen is Here!

When Jessica and I moved to Tennessee in 6th grade we quickly became great friends with Maria Lee. Soon we called each other's parents Uncle and Aunt. We spent lots of time on AOL, playing Organ Trail, doing goofy photo shoots, cooking weird concoctions, swimming in her pool, making music videos...good times!
Maria got married on July 22, 2006 to Kris (who is awesome!)..becoming Maria Geswein. I remember the date of this day because at the reception Maria said to me "your next!" Little did either of us know that later that night I would become "next" when David proposed!...She said the same thing to me at her baby shower last month...
Anywhoo- Coen was born EARLY (shortly after 12AM) this morning. Jessica spent all day with Maria yesterday for a long day of trying to coax Coen home. She got to meet him this morning. Now Jessica & I will get to be Aunts! Sissy sent me these pictures and I just love them!

Congrats Maria & Kris!!
Love y'all and can't wait to meet your handsome son!!!!!! Seriously cannot wait!!


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