What I learned from Middle Schoolers...

We had a BLAST this weekend with our Covenant kids... we trucked up to Cincinnati, Ohio and went to King's Island...oh what fun.

Anywhooo... they taught me about the Rejection Hotline. If someone asks for your number and you don't want them to have it... give them the RH number!! There is one/several for every state...

the Nashville # is 615-238-2005... pretty funny. You can find other numbers online...but since the website has some not so pretty adds that pop up... I'm not gonna post the link.


  1. I'm glad you are well informed about the wonders of the RH... quite a useful tool!

  2. who knew? Maybe I should spend more time with middle schoolers...or just have you tell me about it.

  3. my friends sent me this video and i thought it was a perfect opportunity to use the rejection hotline!



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