A Sampling of CA Pictures...

Okay this may be too many pictures for one little post...a lot of scrolling to do. If you want to see them bigger I think you can just double click and it will open a new page. I will make some albums online and post the link in a day or two. We had such a wonderful trip.. just beautiful! God is good.

on a walk with Grammie at this beautiful park in Livermoore... do you see that strange bird in the tree?

a classic shot.. we always take one looking at eachother

Love this one!

Half Moon Bay with the G-Parents: about to dip his toe into the Pacific for the first time in his life...

being silly at Pier 39

beautiful weather at fisherman's warf

classic tourist picture..and semi-good icecream

At the market downtown

The G-Parents & Marilyn: So sweet.


  1. Yay! Looks like so much fun. I'm so glad you got to go visit your grandparents!

    And I still love the hair.

  2. b-lair! why can't i see your pictures? they all just have the little red "x" and it's making me very sad! help?

    and... will i see you this summer??

  3. i re-uploaded all the pics... hopefully it worked!


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