Nos Encanta la Primavera

whoooeee. i've been gone just a bit... but to get back in the swing of things I thought it was time again for just another little McLeod Update!

David and I are still moving in/getting situated in our new pad. We are slowly getting there and see an end in sight! Sickness has held us back just a bit. David caught a bug about a week & 1/2 ago and now I caught it! I actually had to take a sick day yesterday much to my chagrin (who wants to take a sick day when you are actually sick!!) I'm already feeling better but david's bug is determined to hang on for dear life-- at risk of being too graphic I'll just say that mucus and David will never be bff. David also recently.. gasp!... hurt his left hand playing basketball. This is bad news for a left-handed artist. But that, praise God, is healing and he should get back to painting by Monday!

Now that I've shared all our ailments with you all... Let me turn to a happier note and just say that David and I are so excited about Spring. We looooove it! And it is starting off with the visits of lots family and friends! We started things off with a fun visit from Drew and Bryce, my twin cousins from California (but go to school in Missouri). Next, we are getting a visit from my mom this weekend. She hasn't seen our place yet and we are pumped about that. We even went and bought a new double bed for the guest room (I told you our place was coming together). We are looking forward to painting the town with her. The fun doesn't stop there though-- David's brother, James, loves us so much he is going to spend his spring break here! and then the rest of the McLeod family is going to come up next friday to see the place and Mary is bringing our new curtains. Then it will be Easter!--which David and I are spending in Nashville. We are looking forward to going to our own church for a holiday and using our china for the first time. The last week in March a lot of our ol' Vandy friends will be in town for a wedding shower for the soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Trapp. Then come April 8th, we are shipping out to California to see my grandparents for a week. We just have so sooooo much to look forward to! What a blessing!

We continue to be blown away by our Savior--the way he meets our needs and calms our fears on a daily basis. We can taste His constant mercies and grace and are so grateful. There just aren't enough words...


  1. And what about an upcoming visit from your amazing friend Christie?!?

    How exciting that so many visits are happening! This weather is making me a happy happy girl as well. Spring is the best.


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